Hi, we are Astrid and Jean Paul. We live in the South of the Netherlands.
A few years ago we visited Crufts and saw the Lancashire Heeler for the first time. It was love at first sight. In 2009 we got our first Heeler from Tracy at Traqdean Kennels.


We called her Dotty. We have a lot of fun with her. We go on walks with other Heeler enthusiasts and joined the Cow Herder Dog Association.
Since November 2009 the breed is also recognized by the Dutch Kennel Club and so we also started showing Dotty. She has already won several dutch titels like Dutch youth champion ,youth winster 2010 and winster 2010 and several c.a.c.'s. We also showed her at some English shows and she qualified herself for Crufts 2011 en 2012.
Of course the bug is unstoppable by now and on 27July 2010 our second Heeler Blossom was born at Traqdean Kennels. We picked her up in September 2010. The two girls get along very well and on this page we will keep you informed of all their antics in the Netherlands. We hope to show Dotty again on Crufts 2011 and to show both of them in August at Paignton. We hope to meet a lot of other Heeler owners when we come over. We are really curious about the people behind the dogs and stories we read on internet and the community site.